Glaucoma Care at East Cobb Eye Center

A variety of diseases and disorders can result in some degree of permanent vision loss, including outright blindness. Of these, the second most common disorder worldwide, glaucoma, affects some three million Americans. Even more worrying is the fact that about half of these individuals don't even know they have glaucoma, meaning that they develop serious vision loss due to inaction on their part. Here at East Cobb Eye Center in Marietta, GA, we can identify glaucoma in its early stages and prescribe treatments that can help you retain your vision.


What You Need to Know about Glaucoma

The term "glaucoma" broadly describes conditions that do progressive, irreversible damage to the optic nerve of the eye. This bundle of nerve tissue sends the visual data from the retina to the brain so it can be processed into pictures. Unfortunately, these nerve tissues are delicate and vulnerable to damage, even from subtle issues. Most cases of glaucoma occur because the fluid constantly being produced inside the eye has built up, creating high internal pressure. Excess fluid normally exits through a drainage mesh at the front of the eye. when this doesn't happen as it should, the spike in pressure damages the optic nerve.

Most glaucoma patients experience something called open-angle glaucoma. Fluid drainage still occurs, but too slowly to maintain normal pressure, resulting in slow destruction of the optic nerve fibers. If you have this problem, you may sustain permanent damage long before you start noticing a reduction in peripheral vision, eventually followed by central vision loss. However, some people experience a sudden, total drainage mesh failure called narrow-angle glaucoma. This emergency can bring about acute vision loss, headaches, nausea, and other alarming symptoms.

Diagnosis and Treatment at Our Optometry Center

Regular comprehensive eye exams are your first and best line of defense against glaucoma. Our optometry team can measure the fluid pressure inside your eyes while also checking your vision for any signs of early stage vision loss. If you do have signs of glaucoma, immediate treatment can make all the difference in saving your sight.

Medication can often curb glaucoma progression. You may receive eye drops or oral drugs to reduce eye fluid production or encourage better drainage. If medication doesn't work, we can refer you to an eye surgeon for quick, painless laser surgery to improve eye drainage.

Don't Leave Your Eyesight to Chance

Glaucoma makes a formidable enemy to eyesight, but even formidable enemies can be defeated. Take action today by calling our Marietta, GA, office at (770) 642-4001 and scheduling a comprehensive eye exam!


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