Eye Injury Treatment

Eye Injury Treatment in Marietta

Few problems can be quite as painful, alarming and frightening as an injury to the eye. From burns and foreign objects to corneal abrasions and blunt force trauma, eye injuries are best served by prompt evaluation and appropriate care from an experienced Roswell, Alpharetta, Milton, Woodstock , Ackworth, Sandy Springs and Marietta, GA eye doctor.

Here at East Cobb Eye Center, Dr. Melissa Giannamore can serve as your family's go-to resource for eye injury treatment in Marietta. From emergency treatment to home care recommendations and remedies, we're always ready to help.

eye injury treatment with a Marietta optometrist

Types of Eye Injuries

You can't take your eye's safety for granted, since injuries can and do happen under a variety of circumstances. Common eye injuries seen by our Marietta, GA eye doctor include:

• Corneal abrasions - Corneal abrasions can occur if you rub your eye in response to a feeling of irritation. Even the tiniest foreign particles can scratch the corneal surface, potentially affecting your vision and opening the door to dangerous infections.

• Foreign objects and substances - Laboratory, workplace or home cleaning accidents can send caustic or corrosive chemicals into your eyes. These substances may cause varying amounts of pain and irritation, but even the less painful ones can cause permanent eye damage if not immediately dealt with. Solid objects, such as slivers of wood, glass or metal, can also go flying into the eye, possibly becoming embedded in the cornea.

• Blunt force trauma - A punch, baseball or other blunt impact to the eye can break blood vessels in the eyelid and surrounding facial skin, producing the classic "black eye." They can also fracture the bone around the eye or even cause bleeding between the cornea and iris, an emergency condition called a hyphema. Direct contact with the eyeball, such as a poke in the eye, can cause a sight-threatening iris inflammation called traumatic iritis.

How Our Marietta, GA Eye Doctor Can Help

Rest assured that your eye injury is in good hands here at East Cobb Eye Center. It's a good idea to call our clinic right away for instructions on how to proceed and whether to perform any kind of eye irrigation or other initial measures on the spot. In most cases, you'll be directed to head straight for our facility so our Marietta, GA eye doctor can perform an evaluation. Your eye injury may call for:

• Cold compresses to reduce bleeding/swelling

• Careful removal of foreign objects, with the aid of specialized tools

• Flushing the eye out with water

• Bandaging or patching the eye

• Prescriptions for antibiotics

• Recommendations for more invasive procedures such as surgery

East Cobb Eye Center, Your Local Optometrist in Marietta

Immediate evaluation and treatment at East Cobb Eye Center can make all the difference in preserving your eyesight in the event of an eye injury. Keep our number handy -- and call (770) 642-4001 as soon as trouble strikes!

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