Dry Eye FAQs

Although anyone can get dry eye, it’s an eye condition common to seniors. Dry eye occurs when your eyes stop producing quality tears capable of keeping them lubricated and moist. Lack of lubrication causes your eyes to become irritated and dry. These FAQs from East Cobb Eye Center in Marietta, GA provide more information about dry eye syndrome.


What causes dry eye?

Quite a few factors contribute to developing dry eye. These include:

Age – Tear production generally slows down as you age

Gender – Hormonal changes from pregnancy or menopause can cause a reduction in tear production, making women more prone to dry eye syndrome

Medications and medical conditions – certain types of medicines like antihistamines, decongestants, and blood pressure medication, as well as certain medical conditions like diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis, can impair tear production and cause dry eye symptoms

Environmental factors – dry climates, air pollution, wind, etc. can cause dry eye

Eye issues – LASIK surgery or extensive use of contact lenses can also lead to reduced tear production and dry eye

What are the symptoms of dry eye?

Dryness is the main symptom of this condition. Your eyes may feel dry, irritated, and gritty. You may become sensitive to light or have blurred vision. In some people, dry eye causes excessive tearing as the eye glands compensate for the dryness by overproducing tears. These tears are watery and of low quality, making them ineffective in lubricating your eyes.

If you’re currently experiencing any of these symptoms, see our Marietta, GA eye doctor for an eye exam. Left untreated, dry eye symptoms could worsen, impairing your sight.

How is dry eye treated?

After a comprehensive eye exam from our optometrist, our eye doctor will find the best treatment for you. Mild cases of dry eye are usually treated with artificial tears. Our optometrist may also recommend avoiding conditions that negatively affect your eyes. If you’re taking medications that contribute to dry eye, ask our doctor for a change in prescription. For severe cases of dry eye, we may recommend prescription eye drops to manage symptoms.

Is dry eye dangerous?

Left unchecked, severe dry eye can lead to complications like eye infections, inflammation, or corneal abrasions. You may also suffer impaired vision, making it difficult to drive, read, or work on a computer.

Is there a cure for dry eye?

There is no cure for dry eye syndrome. You can, however, manage these symptoms through the use of eye drops and by avoiding conditions that irritate your eyes.

See Our Marietta, GA Optometrist for Dry Eye Treatment

To schedule an appointment for diagnosis and treatment of dry eye syndrome, contact East Cobb Eye Center in Marietta, GA at 770-642-4001.

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