Contact Lens Exams

Contact Lens Exams in Marietta

Contact lens exams are designed to produce exact measurements for the fit of lenses to your specific eye shape and prescription needs. Some of the tests conducted during a contact lens exam differ from the tests conducted during an eyeglasses exam, which is why it is so important to let us know if you are interested in contact lenses. As your eye care team, we are your resource for comprehensive contact lens exams in Marietta.

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Marietta Contact Lens Exams

The team at East Cobb Eye Center is well-equipped to help you get the contact lenses that will work best for your needs. In addition to the general eye exam we conduct to ensure the health of your eyes, we will also take you through several other tests and measurements to help with your contact lens fitting. Some of these include:

Lifestyle Questions

There are a wide variety of contact lenses available today, each offering different advantages and features. One of the first things we will do to help guide you in choosing the type of lens you use will be to ask you questions about how you will be using your lenses. Getting insight into your lifestyle, like whether you play sports, whether you want to wear contacts overnight, if you are interested in color contacts, etc., lets us point you towards the lenses that will work best for you.

Measuring Your Cornea

The shape of the front of the eye, the cornea, can vary from person to person. Because you are going to be wearing the contact lenses directly on your cornea, it is important that we get an accurate picture of how the cornea is shaped. We can use a device known as a keratometer to measure the curvature of your cornea. We can also use a corneal topographer to get an even more thorough measurement of your entire cornea if necessary.

Measuring the Iris and Pupil

We may also measure your iris and/or pupil during your exam. The size of your iris and pupil can be accounted for in the fit of your contact lenses, ensuring that they look and feel as good as possible.

Tear Film Measurement

Dry eyes can make wearing contacts less comfortable. We can conduct several different tests to determine if you suffer from dry eye, and to what extent. Most people can still wear contact lenses if they have mild dry eyes, but if the condition is too severe it may make contact lens wear excessively uncomfortable.

Your Source for Contact Lenses in Marietta

As your Marietta eye doctor, it is our goal to help you enjoy clear vision and healthy eyes for a lifetime. We are here to answer your questions about contact lenses and to provide you with regular contact lens exams to make certain your contacts are well-suited to your physical and lifestyle needs.

If you are interested in contact lenses, or if you need to get more contacts, we encourage you to contact us and schedule an appointment. Call (770) 642-4001 today to get started!

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