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Eye Conditions Treated

Are you suffering from an eye condition that needs to be treated? Dr. Melissa Giannamore, our optometrist at East Cobb Eye Center in Marietta, GA, is here to help. Keep reading for more information about eye conditions treated at our optometry office. 

Conditions We Treat

We treat many common and less common eye conditions. Some eye conditions we treat include refractory issues, nearsightedness, farsightedness, glaucoma, macular degeneration, pink eye, dry eye, allergies, keratoconus, cataracts, and amblyopia. Below is more information about these eye conditions and how they are treated. 

Nearsightedness - Nearsightedness is when a patient cannot see objects far away. Another term for this condition is myopia. Treatment includes getting fitted for eyeglasses or contacts so you can see things sharply from a distance.

Farsightedness - Farsightedness, also called hyperopia, is when a person cannot see objects well close up. Eyeglasses and contact lenses can correct this condition. 

Glaucoma -Glaucoma happens when the optic nerve is damaged. Medication and lifestyle changes can help prevent and slow the progression of glaucoma.

Macular Degeneration - Macular degeneration generally affects people as they age, and can cause blindness if not treated. Medication and surgery can help prevent eye damage caused by macular degeneration.

Pink Eye - Pink eye is a common condition where the eye becomes pink and inflamed. Medication can help the itchiness and redness to go away.

Dry Eye - Dry eye is common due to more people watching computer screens all day. The burning, eye strain, and itching can be relieved with eye drops and lifestyle changes.

Allergies - Eye allergies can be caused by the seasons, foods, and the environment. Eyedrops and lifestyle changes can relieve symptoms.

Keratoconus - Keratoconus thins the cornea, making it harder to see. Corrective lenses can help patients see clearly.

Cataracts - Cataracts affect people as they age and cause your eyes to cloud over, making it hard to see. Cataracts can be removed with surgery to help patients see better.

Amblyopia – Amblyopia, also known as lazy eye, and can be corrected with a number of different vision therapies.

Meibomian Gland Dysfunction - MGDis a big name for a tiny clog preventing the right oils from getting to the surface of your eyes. When your eyes lack the protective film of moisture, dry eye results.

Make an appointment so we can check and treat your eye condition.

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Make an appointment at your convenience to get treated for your eye condition. You can visit us at East Cobb Eye Center, 3960 Shallowford Rd. Ste. A, Marietta, GA 30062-5058. You can also make an appointment with us over the phone by calling (770) 642-4001.


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